Tokyo International Conference

August 1st-2nd, 1998

Aug 1

10:00Opening: Introduction of foreign guests, etc.
10:10 Introduction of the Chairpersons
10:15 Keynote speech
10:25 Overview of the latest nuclear situation: Shigetoshi Iwamatsu
1)India and Pakistan tests and the road toward nuclear disarmament
11:40 Overview: Mitsuru Kurosawa
11:00 Significance of the Indian nuclear test: Praful Bidwai
11:20 Significance of the Pakistan nuclear test: Abdul Nayyar
11:40 Military situation around India, Pakistan, and China: Shuzo Kimura
12:00 Reaction to the tests by the US government and conservatives: Stephen Young
12:08 Reaction by the UK goverment: David Knight
12:16 Reaction by the Russian government and Duma: Alexander Pikayev
12:24 Reaction by the Chinese government: Liu Ming
Lunch Break
(30 minute-press conference on India and Pakistan with Bidwai and Nayyar)
14:00 Question and answers on the India-Pakistan situation (Discussion on the movement strategies for the elimination of nuclear weapons in general should wait till the next session)
Break 15:00-1520
2)Our Demands to Nuclear Powers
15:20 Over view: Stephen Young
15:40 European nuclear situation and strategies for disarmament: David Knight (including the UK Staregagic Review, NATO, etc.:short introduction of CND)
16:00 Measures proposed by the US movement: Jo Ann Fuller (including a short introduction of Peace Action)
16:20 The way out of the nuclear deadlock: Alexander Pikaev (including the latest on START 2)
Discussion 16:40-17:30

Aug 2

3)The Northeast Asian Nuclear Free Zones and the tasks for Japan 9:30-
9:30 The Northeast Asian Nuclear Free Zone--Korean view: Samssung Lee
9:50 The Northeast Asian Nuclear Free Zone--Chinese view: Liu Ming
10:10 The tasks for Japan--Departure from the nuclear umbrella and the establishment of Northeast Asian Nuclear Free Zone: Hiro Umebayashi
4)Danger of the nuclear technology--Assessment of the plutonium use plan
13:30 Japanese anti-MOX movement-
13:50 Reprocessing in UK and (its relation with Japan): Liz Westmorland
14:10 German MOX plan--the future of nuclear power: Karin Wurzbacher
14:30 Dismantlement of nuclear weapons and plutonium disposition in the US: Mavis Belisle
14:50 MOX-Problem in Russia and the Position of the NGO: Oleg Bodrov
Reports from Fukui and Fukushima(proposed site for MOX use)
15:50 Comment on reprocessing issues from India: Praful Bidwai
15:58 Global warming: Mika Obayashi
16:10 Declaration against MOX transportation:Jin Takagi: Hideyuki Ban
16:15 Discussion
17:10 Summing up: Nagahisa Wada
17:20 Concluding remarks on the two day meeting
17:30 Closing