Tokyo International Conference

Draft Agenda forAugust 1st-2nd, 2001

August 1
1)Bush's nuclear policy
Will nuclear danger be reduced? Bruce Blair (40 minutes)
2)Multilateral framework and anti-nuclear movement
Present situation of mutilateral negotiations Mitsuru Kurosawa
Movemens in each country in ralation o mutinational framework Karel Koster
(a)World wide perspective
Introduction to NMD and TMD Pavel Podvig (40 minutes)
European perspective Karel Koster
Danish debate Jorgen Dragsdahl
Movement in the US Tracy Moavero

(b))Significance of NMD/TMD in Asia
Japanese coopeartion with the US
Chinese perspective Xial Liping
Korean movement Cheon Wooksik
August 2
4) Nuclear Free zone
Proposal for a North East Asia Nuclear Free Zone Hiro Umebayashi
Normalization of Japan-North Korea relationship and NFZ Koichi Ishizaka

South Asian situation M.B. Naqvi
5)HOYA's glass for National Ignition Facility
Message from US NGO's Tracy Moavero (15 minutes)
Laser fusion and hydrogen bomb Pavel Podvig (10 minutes)
6)Phasing out of nuclear power
Overview of present Japanese nuclear power program Baku Nishio
Korean nuclear power program Seo Hyung Won
US nuclear power policy Judy Johnsrud
Export to Taiwan
Russian policy to import of spent nuclear fuel Pavel Podvig (15minutes)
John Burroughs (USA)
Executive Director, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

SEO, Hyung Won (Republic of Korea)
Chief of Environmental Research Team and Peace Campaign Coordinator, Korean
Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM)

Cheon Wooksik (Republic of Korea)
Rep. of Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea.
- Co-executive director of Korean Committee Against MD and for Peace
- Board member of Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Xia Liping (China)
General-Secretary and Professor of Shanghai Institute for International Str
ategic Studies (SIISS), and Deputy Director of Department of American Studie
s at Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS). . He is Colonel (P
LA Reserve).

Pavel Podvig (Russia)
Center for Energy and Enviromental Studies. Princeton Univeristuy
Center for Arms Control Studies, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Judith Johnsrud (USA)
Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power (PA)
New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution
Sierra Club
Nuclear Information Resouce Serivice (NIRS) board

Karel Koster (Netherland)
Project on European Nuclear Nonproliferation (PENN)

Bruce G. Blair (USA)
President, Center for Defense Information

Tracy Moavero (USA)
Policy Director, Peace Action Education Fund

Jorgen Dragsdahl (Denmark)

M.B. Naqvi (Pakistan)
President, Pakistan Peace Coalition

Mitsuru KUROSAWA (Japan)
International Law Professor, Osaka Univeristy

Koichi ISHIZAKA (Japan)
Lecturer, Ferris Women's CollegeAug 1