Japan Congress Against A- and H-Bombs

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The Japan Congress Against A- and H-Bombs (GENSUIKIN) was established in 1965, we are one of Japan's largest anti-nuclear and peace movement organizations.
We sponsor two major annual events. A public rally held in March, "3-1 Bikini Day," commemorates the crew of the fishing boat Daigo Fukuryu-Maru (Lucky Dragon), which was exposed to fallout from nuclear testing at Bikini in 1954. The World Congress Against A- and H-Bombs is held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, the month when atomic bombs were dropped on those cities. Our core activities include efforts to foster solidarity with anti-nuclear activists around the world; anti-nuclear pro-peace campaigns; various initiatives toward a nuclear-free society; and activities in support of radiation victims.
Our position is based on the understanding that human beings and "nukes" can never be compatible. In the words of the late Moritaki Ichirou, former GENSUIKIN Chair and the conscience of our movement: "Mankind and nuclear technology cannot coexist." We reject all "nukes" whether they are nuclear weapons or nuclear power plants.

We believe that we can create a world without nuclear plants and nuclear weapons.

Japan Congress Against A- and H-Bombs (GENSUIKIN)
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